Not all Stevias are created equal...

A word of caution for you new stevia users out there....
When I began my journey to be sugar free, I got great advice and guidance from a good friend who has been fighting Candida for years. She had been cooking without sugar then for some time. She advised me to buy the Kal brand of Stevia, because it has no aftertaste.

And so I did.

I think I became spoiled, complascent; people would talk about Stevia having a bitter taste and whatnot, and I would think: huh, I haven't experienced that; maybe I can't taste that?

Then people who never eat stevia would eat my peanut butter cups and exclaim that they were wonderful, they were fooled, they'd never suspect it wasn't sugar... so I guessed I wasn't crazy, Kal really is that good.

So recently, I bought a cheaper version of stevia from Trader Joe's. Let me state here that I love TJ's, love their selection and service, etc; but the stevia they got is TERRIBLE. I ruined a batch of PB cups because it was the nastiest, most bitter gross thing EVER. At least they have a good return policy! So Kal it is and shall remain.

So be careful, if you are new to it and experimenting; don't let a bad stevia experience turn you off. It takes finesse to work with it. It takes patience, adding a little at a time, tasting and tasting until it's right. There's not a lot of resources out there yet promoting it as a sweetener because of the FDA b.s., but hopefully one day we will be free of that nonsense and able to eat safe sweets.

Until then, happy cooking!


Anonymous said...

I was turned off by the after taste of Stevia the first time I tried it.I had decided not to try it again until the clerk in a health food store told me about Kals organic Stevia and you are correct there is no aftertaste.Do you know of a comparable Stevia producrt available in packett form for travel?

Meena said...

Sadly, I have not found a packet that tastes as good. Kal does make some in dropper form, though I haven't tried it; that may be more convenient. One thing you can do is just buy the smaller jar and take it with you. :D

Esther said...

My husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes. In my search for something sweet, I found NuStevia by NuNaturals. It is non-bitter, zero calories. It comes in single serving size packets and also a 12-oz container. Husband was happy and I found I like the NuStevia as well.

I have also tried stevia extract made by NOW Foods. It also is non-bitter, and it comes in single serving size packets.

We tried Truvia. It caused such gastric upset when I put it in our iced tea, we ended up throwing it out. It contains Erythritol which caused the tummy issues, and it is higher in carbs (3, if you are counting them).

Purevia contains erythritol and isomaltulose. Haven't tried it because of the erythritol, and would rather stick to a more pure form of Stevia.


Meena said...

Hi Esther,
I've had that same problem with sugar alcohols... I think I even posted a blog about that. It makes me very sick and gassy, very painful! Sadly stevia now makes me gassy as well. Oh well! It's been a tough road. I do have some stevia ice cream recipes on this blog, as well as stevia chocolates and so forth if you would like to try them. Good luck to you and your hubby on this journey!

Anonymous said...

where can i buy KAL Stevia locally near Bangor Maine?? thanks!

Meena said...

Wow, Maine! I'm not entirely sure. Whole Foods stores have it, but is there a local health food store near you? Perhaps they can get it. You can definitely get it on line.