Another Sugar Holiday passed!

Ahhh, Easter! The glut of sugar commercialism at its finest. It is now over. And I made it through.

I was not tempted! I did not stray from my path! I made it through, unscathed, and whole! Hoooray!

Easter is one of the hardest Sugar Holidays for me, since I love Cadbury. Just love it. Instead I had my lovely Stevia nut butter cups (I have been using Cashew-Macadamia, spoiled brat that I am, love it! Just love it!) and felt satisfied.

Lately I've been getting back into the ice cream, now that it is hinting at warming up (not actually warming up, mind you, just teasing that it could happen). Sad thing is I think it isn't agreeing with my belly. I don't fully understand it since I tolerated it fine last year, but I am feeling some icky GI issues and it may be the ice cream. mmmrrpph! I need to go pout over that. Or deal with the GI stuff. Or take lactaid.

See, I'd love to get more into the nut milks but it is hard to get the right consistency with the ice cream. I will have to make comment on this at another time, but there is a book out called Vice Creams which are nut based, and I have experimented a little... but still love my formula the best...

Anyway, I hope if you are reading this that you too have made it through this holiday without succumbing to a sugar coma. If you did be gentle with yourself, it is not easy to kick the sugary shackles that hold us tight in this society.

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