Stevia: not for everyone

I have been having interesting discussions about my diet at school. It would come to that, as in clinics you spend a lot of time with people doing intense, stressful things- in the down time, we learn about each other and relax. People are so generous and sweet, too; bringing treats for each other as a sense of kindness (in their hearts). It makes them feel bad when they realize I won't (can't?) eat the doughnuts or brownies, or even the amazing looking chocolate mousse.


I don't want to make anyone feel bad, so I just gently explain that I simply cannot do it to myself ever again. One of the people in my rotation, E, commented she noticed the difference when I went 'off the wagon' second year... haha... and the difference now that I am back on track, one year now. There were a lot of questions, naturally, about the way that I am able to abstain and how the hell did I manage to do it in the first place? It is so interesting to me to hear someone say, "Oh I could never do it, I am a hopeless sugar addict, you don't understand."

Oh, don't I ever. Don't I ever.

I do, because, see, I am a hopeless addict too; I could not survive this without my clever stevia crutch. I fully and freely admit it. I like sweeties as much as the next girl, and chocolate all the more. If it weren't for this, I may not have gotten free. (If it weren't for cocoa puffs I might not have ever gotten snared).

But I did.

The discussions with these fine intelligent people leads them to curiosity about the things I am eating; people are often amazed to hear I make my own chocolates and ice cream. It sounds complicated to them, I imagine; but really it is no more complicated than biscuits, with the same time committment. I like chocolate a whole lot more than biscuits, anyway. In order to show them it is possible, I brought in a sampling; half my supply of cashew-macadamia nut butter cups. My favorite flavor, and best invention yet- the peanut butter version pales in comparison. It was well recieved by all but one.

E, who so astutely described my sugary fall from grace, tried it and could not finish it. It was much too bitter for her (Stevia does not assuage the bitterness of pure baking chocolate, nor lighten it at all; it is dark, fierce chocolate, not for the faint at heart). She said it burned her tongue, and believed it was the stevia that did this.

I cannot say either way. It could have been the shocking dark bitterness of the chocolate that made her tongue feel strange, or perhaps a reaction to the nut butters. I have never heard of this reaction to Stevia, which is not to say it isn't possible. If you have experienced this email it to me here, it is good to know. Me, I can eat the stuff all day long, and do (mostly in my tea, several times a day). So use it with caution, it may not be for everyone.

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