Stevia Chocolate Covered Cherries

It was snowing like mad out, on Valentine's Day, preventing my lover from driving out to visit me. Rather than pine we laughed about it and postponed the date, and I set about to make it a fine evening all snowed in.

There was a bag of cherries in the freezer, slated for the ice cream we were to make. I had a divine inspiration...

I took them out of the freezer and thawed about 10 of them on a plate in the microwave. Not till they were hot, but just juicy.
In my muffin tin, I put little mini muffin liners (I found some with snowflakes at Michael's... soooo cute!).
Then I melted three or so squares of baking chocolate, and added Stevia until it tasted right- about 1/4 tsp. Each liner got a little puddle of chocolate, and I let it firm up a bit; then each puddle got a cherry set down gently on top. I heated the chocolate a bit again to get it flowing and slowly and carefully covered each cherry with chocolate.

I put them on the porch to chill (a giant freezer! Use your freezer if it isn't arctic where you are) and then fed them to my poor housemate who was also stuck inside with no date...


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