Victory for Protein Shakes!

I have just made the MOST exquisite discovery...
Spirutein has finally jumped on board and made an unsweetened protein powder mix!

Also- there is a whey version for us non vegans, by Jay Robb, which is made with....
drum roll please...
Stevia! yes!!!!

My life keeps getting better and better.

Now I know that there is some argument as to the absorption of these kinds of proteins, in terms of soy vs whey vs animal meat protein. Since I am vegetarian, my choices are a bit limited. Most of the time I do ok, but lately I've been working out more at the gym and I believe part of my problem may be a lack of good quality protein. Eggs, cottage cheese, any cheese for that matter, and a little milk in my tea aren't enough; I eat tofu, but I am wary of relying on it too much because no one is absolutely certain (in terms of studies done) if it is a useable protein. I like tempeh sometimes, and eat a lot of nut butters.
But protein shakes! That is a beatiful and easy way to get protein if you are rushing, as I will be, and unable to eat properly. It doesn't replace a well prepared meal, of course, but it is at least something.

And usually a something off limits to me.

Spirutein usually has a formula that while it is high in protein and vitamins, and even some minerals, they use fructose to sweeten the mix. Fructose, you may know, is fruit sugar concentrate. In the end it amounts to being sucrose (table sugar) anyway, because it too is refined and processed and has no nutritional value. Of course, the shake itself has fiber (psyllium and so on) so one could argue that it is along the lines of eating a fruit... but I feel, if I am going to be a purist, I am going to be a purist.
There is a container of chocolate Spirutein still sitting in my cabinet, resting where it has for over a year and a half now. Probably no good. I'll drink it because it was expensive... but it's still fructose.

The new one I bought though, the Jay Robb one, has 24 g protein and not as many vitamins- but excitingly to me is made with Stevia, yay! So I bought the vanilla one, and so far have reconstituted it with milk- plain is fine, I added cocoa and that was even better. Then this morning I added it to my breakfast grains to see what would happen, and it was rather tasty! So that ups my protein intake in the morning without burdening me with crashy sugars.

Now... I will have to investigate perhaps an unflavored/unsweetened protein powder to just add to other things that have flavor. I know a body doesn't need too much protein, but one that is working out needs to be taken care of somewhat.

This is very exciting news for us non sugar folks, though! The fact that the world is beginning to catch on (we don't want this stuff!) is very encouraging to me. Years ago you would have had no options. Hooray!

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