Sugar Holiday #1: Vanquished

Having successfully glided past Valentine's Day, I sit to write the tale. The year according to Hallmark, the grocery store and the drug store is broken up into holidays. Each of which has its own special color scheme and style of gifts and candies to ply the loved ones with.

It begins with Valentine's Day. A farce of a holiday with a good idea at heart- expressing love- which originally marked the death of Saint Valentine. In college, I would wear black to demonstrate my feelings about the holiday. These days I like red and wear it if I feel like it; but still abhor the sugar-laden free for all that it engenders. Not to mention the incredible amount of stress on lovers to do the most romantic thing possible... but this blog isn't for that rant. That is found in other venues.

No, the rant lies in the drug store trap. Chocolate, my inherent weakness, bandied about like foliage- wrapped in luscious shiny red packages... cordial cherries, chocolate cremes... Yes, it makes me feel a little like the Mayor in Chocolat- I want to roll in it until I pass out.

Anyway. I got through Valentine's day without the merest desire to glance down the red sparkly aisle. Whew!

My lover A was also respectful of this and came over so we could make ice cream together. I made chocolate cherry chocolate chip... all with stevia... and my very own chocolate covered cherries. Yes! They were wonderful! I did not feel the least bit disappointed; truth be told, I have come to prefer my own brand of sweets. I like the dark rich mouthfeel of my chocolate, and the lightness of my ice cream. I will post the cherry recipe here after this blog. It was decadent.

I noticed the easter eggs are already out... that will mark one year to my return to the sugar free life. I will celebrate, I hope you will too.

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