One year- coming up!

As the next major Super Sugar Holiday approaches, I am reminded of how I pushed myself one year ago to quit sugar again. I walked through the grocery today and as I sailed past the 'seasonal' isle, I could see all the holiday treats trotted out long before the holiday has even arrived. Easter! A time of amazing confectionary treats! Some that I sadly do like. And will be avoiding with all my strength of will, with sanity intact.

What's interesting is that since I have not eaten any sugar in so long, I don't crave it like I did. I see the pretty packages that promise a little slice of sugary chocolate heaven, and I am not as tempted as I was when I had fallen completely off the wagon. This brings me so much relief! I never would have thought, years ago, that it would get easier. But it does. It truly does.

One year ago, I pushed my addiction until I was sick. I had to do it that wy, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten free. It wouldn't work for everyone, but I am now able to walk past the isle without wistfulness. I recall this being the case last time I went sugar free. It gets easier, I promise that it does.

Right now I feel pretty damn healthy and whole. I am more prone to choosing better foods and eat healthier all around because I am not so distracted by sugar. Oh, I've still got a sweet tooth, don't get me wrong! Using Stevia is freeing indeed, but I still want it. The sweetness. I doubt that will go away. I feel fine indulging in the Stevia version of what I want though, knowing it isn't going to uproot my moods and turn me into a crazy person.

I will stand strong and turn the other cheek as Sugar Holiday #2 approaches... I can, because I have so far, and will continue... yay!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for a few months and am very inspired! Sugar is a HUGE stumbling block for me and I've gone on several sugar fasts to really cut back the amount I take in and after I come off of the fast I do great for a while and then I'm back to eating way too much!

When I was fasting from it, I could handle it because I knew I could have it again later, just in smaller quantities...I don't know if I can ever go completely off of it but I sure would like to for my family's sake as well as mine. I have a 15 month old so he's easily trainable & has had almost no sugar at all so far.

Anyway, thanks for blogging! I hope you'll continue to post here...